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art git

Things gleaned from this month's Wire:

Githead have a new album out, called Art Pop (and a t-shirt to go with it). You can hear 2 tracks from the album page, or from their myspace page.

Pere Ubu have reissued 4 of their 1980s/90s albums - The Tenement Year, Cloudland, Worlds In Collision, and Story Of My Life. This is particularly convenient for me, as i don't have any of those 4, and had been kicking myself for leaving a copy of Cloudland at a Dixons Recycled shop last year. Ken Hollings starts his review of the four albums like so:

Seen from a distance, which is to say in its entirety, Pere Ubu's output for Fontana between 1988 and 1993 stands as concrete testimony to how important Roxy Music have been to the development of rock."

...but you can go and buy yer own copy of the magazine to read the rest. I picked up my first copy of The Wire back in about 1998 when I happened to spot Mark E. Smith on the cover of a copy in a shop somewhere, and figured I'd buy it for the interview. He's on the cover again this month with Mouse on Mars' Jan St Werner and Andi Toma for an interview about their Von Südenfed project.

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