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hey kids, it's monk time

Yesterday afternoon I picked up Black Monk Time, a book about The Monks written by Eddie Shaw and his wife - it seems to alternate between his and her stories. I've been devouring it on the way to work and so far they're still called the Torquays but they've just started aping the English Sound and are starting to discover noise...

In order to answer the question I often get from friends of "how the hell do you find out about all these bands, anyway?" this one's real easy - The Fall covered a few tracks by them, once upon a time. "The Monks, eh? I wonder what they're like...". And so it goes.

Unrelatedly, when I heard Gene Pitney died the other week, I couldn't help thinking of this song. But that's just me, I guess.

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Hey, I just posted an interview with a couple Monks timed to the new documentary about them:


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