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Wednesday's Greville Records haul for this week consisted of:

  • Bonnie "Prince" Billy sings Greatest Palace Music - his reworking of all the old stuff. It opens with New Partner (probably my favourite track of his), and it's all I've heard so far. It's certainly a lot more studio-country than I was expecting, this version evokes a feeling of people hanging around the studio having a good time together, shedding the leaner, hungrier nature of the original. Well. That's what reworkings are for, right? I'm curious about the rest of it, but right now I'm busy listening to...

  • Lambchop's double effort, AwCmon/NoYouCmon. mm-mmm. I'm a month late on this, 'cause I was out of town when it was released, but yeah, it's got a bit more of Nixon back in it, which I reckon's a good thing. I've got a feeling Alex put it best when he wrote :

    the songs and especially the instrumentals are so relaxing you can even enjoy them without a Bourbon.

Oh, and I hear Sonic Youth are playing at The Forum in June. I think it's been around 10 years since I saw them at the POW, with the famous pole in the way (was that the gig with Underground Lovers in one room, and The Earthmen in another? Darren? Steve? My mind's going...).

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