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Random find of the weekend: a handful of photos of some Japanese bands with names as good as Papaya Paranoia, but the best picture of all's probably this one. There's even a stray photo of Genesis P in there.

Besides lots of work and one too many hangovers, I've been Quite Enjoying the new Nick Cave album (it's alive!), the new James Yorkston and the Athletes, and this great Sublminal Frequencies compilation of Cambodian folk and pop music somebody dug up from various library cassettes in the US (which ends up being more interesting than you might expect, trust me). Having just heard bits of the new Interpol album tonight, it's moved up a few notches in The List of things to get, too.

There's another new release by The Church, which seems to be offcuts from last year's album Forget Yourself which is called, unsurprisingly, Beside Yourself. It's not too bad upon first listen (those bastards know I'll buy anything with Steve Kilbey's name on it), a bit more jammy and such, so I'll have to wait a while for it to grow on me - In the mean time, though, I'm quite enjoying his side-project release under the name Beside Yourself is all by Kilbey himself, and it's a shame they didn't put the best picture of all (with the old lady and the guy with the firey beard) on the front. But never mind that. They're gigging at the Corner on November 13, and the Rob Roy on the 14th. I really oughta go, it's been 7 years since I saw 'em.

if you're after something to do on one of the next three Tuesday nights, you could consider catching the Prozac Blues Band at the Pinnacle in North Fitzroy from around 9pm 'cause Trav's such a nice guy, and his mate can play blues on a ukelele (no, really).

(so yeah, another 3 years to Bland Out, eh? I suppose we get what we deserve, or something.)

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