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i wanna be a cowboy's sweetheart

I crawled over the 2000 CD line late last week. The lucky number went to a new tribute CD with covers of Australian underground rock stuff between 1963 - 1968 called Wild About You (if you picked up that Raven compilation of early Saints stuff with the same name, you'll know the song). Our man on the street's favourite band is even on it. CD 2001 is a compilation of American Yodelling (no, really) stuff between 1911 and 1946 put out by some German label, with the Emmett Miller version of Lovesick Blues, and a song by my mother's favourite cowboy, Roy Rogers. Oh, and I picked up a second-hand copy of the new Stereolab CD, (on first listen, it's a bit better than I expected). There's a 3-inch CD by Colditz Glider that sounds quite nice, alongside an eponymous release by This is your captain speaking. Leaf have a new (cheap!) sampler out, with a nice cross-section of stuff (now I've gotta go find that Asa-Chang and Jun Ray release that everybody was going on about).

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