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aisle sounds

While I chuck another mix CD on the fire, I s'pose I ought to mention what music we played at the wedding:

  • Surfer Girl, as covered by Low. It's slow, it sounds great and it's even sung by a married couple, so we walked up the aisle to it.

  • 甜蜜蜜, by 鄧麗君. Lian's pick. It's an old standard, or something.

  • Dream Baby Dream, as covered by Luna - it is very dreamy.

I think that's as far as it got before it got turned down, but in reserve I also had:

  • Sweet Kinda Love, as covered by the Pine Valley Cosmonauts with Jon Langford on vocals.

  • Do What You Wanna Do by the Acid House Kings. We both love it.

If the name (and the chorus) of the song wasn't so ill-fitting, we probably would've had Richard Hawley's Born Under a Bad Sign as our song, 'cause we're both in love with the sound and his voice.

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