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quackle and pop

Scott writes about converting old vinyl to AAC on his Mac, which is something I really oughta get around to doing - when my half-terabyte external drive turns up, I'll have even less excuse. I don't have a heap of vinyl, especially compared to the CD collection, and most of the good stuff I've managed to get on CD anyway. What I've bought on vinyl in the past few years has been rarities (eg. a couple of Scientists singles, a few early Church EPs and singles. You get the idea). Occasionally, though, I wonder if I oughta go and buy things like White Light White Heat on vinyl, and loll around on the bed while it plays in all its crackly glory. But it's hard to be sure. What albums are absolutely worth owning on vinyl? A friend used to tell me that Never Mind The Bollocks started to sound better as the record degraded. Since most of the flat surfaces in my bedroom are currently covered with CDs, it's hard to find space for the record player. I'll have to work something out, especially if I decide to stay in the country during Holiday Month.

I should also point out that, right now, I'm PC-less. It's finally died on me (I presume the disks still work, but I'll get to that soon enough), so I'm left with a Powerbook that I own, and a Powerbook that work owns. I'm tempted by one of these, if I bother buying anything at all. Is this the future? Tiny PCs with a string of external disks? (Or maybe the bulk storage moves to the wireless router / media centre, or sits elsewhere within wireless range, under the stairs. Welcome back, terminals!)

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Harvest, of course, and probably On The Beach and After The Goldrush too. Ogden's Nutgone Flake by the Small Faces, for sure. Piper at the Gates of Dawn. Or, in a different mode, Zen Arcade by Husker Du. Anything where the dynamic range can disappear beneath the noise floor without disturbing the atmosphere (and in the truly good ones, build the noise into the atmosphere).

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