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the church - uninvited, like the clouds

The Church seem to have found their groove over the last few years, quietly putting out numerous "official", b-side compilation and website-only releases that probably (unfortunately) aren't going to find them new fans - but then, should that be a concern of theirs by now? No, not really. They do a good job of that sorta atmospheric rock thing that I can listen to while I walk around, camera in-hand, letting semi-random phrases slip into my ears unannounced. I haven't listened to it enough to let songs distinguish themselves from one another yet, but that's ok, I'm happy treating it as this big, amorphous blob of music that comes and goes - much as I've been doing with Beside Yourself, Jammed and Back With Two Beasts. Put 'em on and let it flow.

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Hi, nice site you have.
Just a note-
The 'Church' album you refer to here as 'Beside Yourself' is actually 'Forget Yourself'.

> Posted by B. at May 9, 2006 2:14 PM

hi. thanks!

but no, I am referring to the b-side compilation "Beside Yourself".

see http://homepage.mac.com/fipster/church/albums/beside-yourself.html (for instance).

> Posted by cos at May 9, 2006 2:22 PM

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