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big spaceship - dream on

Big Spaceship - Dream On

So there I was ordering a few things off Karmic Hit's website (mostly to pick up the re-released Jack Frost self-titled album) when I noticed this Martin Kennedy (y'know, Mr All India Radio) side(?)-project, and having been utterly enthralled by this year's release Echo Other it took no time at all to decide to buy this one, figuring that I'd "probably like it".

The cover picture's suitably retro-scifi (the myspace page says it had been used on an Arthur C. Clarke novel). The major difference between Big Spaceship and All India Radio is that there's a lot more vocals. The music's a bit more up-tempo, rather than slow and deliberate, and trainspotters will have an easy time seeing hints of Air in a couple of tracks and New Order-like bass lines in quite a few others. Bonus points for the mellotron (or mellotron-like?) sounds, Mr K. There's plenty of earwormy goodness in this album - little synth riffs that pop up in your head a few days later on, prompting you to go back and listen to it Just One More Time.

There's a nice (and fairly amusing) video up on Youtube for the very Air-y opening track Chantal, which makes for a good starting point. There's a few other tracks up on the myspace page.

What's next? Martin Kennedy is/was apparently working on something with Steve Kilbey. Well, I'm excited.

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