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recent amusements

Recent purchases:

  • Post Industrial Boys: My first purchase of the year, and it was a completely random one - apparently it's from Georgia (the country, not the state). I suppose it might be the kind of thing E would like, all beats and laid-back experimental vocal styles. One of the tracks turns out to be a reading of a William S. Burroughs piece. What goes around, I guess. "Tbilisi starts singing while America and Western Europe are still asleep".

  • Bonnie "Prince" Billy and Matt Sweeney - Superwolf: I'm enjoying this more than most of his recent work, or at least, the ones I've picked up. It's laid back without being soporific (as I found Master and Everyone), and the opening track's a killer. See also: "Will Oldham's Adventure" game review piss-take over on the F Train.

  • Primitive CalculatorsI mentioned about this one a few weeks back, and finally got my hands on it. Tracks like Do The Icepick stand out with their drilling computer game sounds and guitar work behind the "angry young kid" vocals "I wish! I want! I need!" and "what do you expect to get from me? do you wanna cry?". The video for I Can't Stop It isn't much to write home about - fuzzy footage from a Fitzroy field - but it's fun to watch nonetheless.

  • Sun City Girls - Wah: I enjoyed this a bit more directly than I expected - it's basically a pile of wah-pedal guitar noodling, that makes for great background listening.

  • The Pine Valley Cosmonauts salute the majesty of Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys : I bought this off Sally Timms at the Ceres gig, and it was an utter joy the first time I put it on. And with a smile like that, how could his music be anything but?

  • The Magnolia Electric Company - Trials and Errors: Jason Molina's new(ish) band, in some kind of Neil Young homage (there's a cover in there somewhere), with big drums and fuzzy guitars. Wow.

Coming soon: Low, Hey Mook, Luna.

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