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head full of pictures

Pink Stainless Tail are playing at the Rob Roy this Thursday night (here's hoping I make it). They're launching an album there on May 13th, too. Should be interesting.

Even are doing a gig with Ken Stringfellow next Wednesday (13th) at the Northcote Social Club. The fairly impressive Chris Whitley's also playing there this coming Saturday and Sunday.

Cam Butler's new album Go Slow is out and sounds typically wonderful and dreamy, especially the title track. Somebody oughta tap this guy for some soundtrack work. His album launch is this Saturday (9th) at the Rob Roy.

In purchasing news, I've picked up another Sublime Frequencies release - Molam: Thai Country Groove from Isan - that's pretty good fun so far, but requires further listening (relatedly, if you don't own this yet, you're seriously missing out). In more normal stuff, I've got that Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds b-sides collection to wade through, along with the new New Order and the soundtrack from The Life Aquatic. Plus whatever it was I'd bought just before I moved house - I've lost track a bit, 'cause I've been concentrating more on ripping my really old CDs as I unpack them.

With any luck my relocated DSL will finally start working tomorrow, and I can get back to uploading photos and stuff. Without going into gory detail, let's just say that if you want to find out how wonderful your ISP really is, try moving house.

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