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notable musical moments for me in 2006

  • I finally got around to buying an Electrelane album (I'd been meaning to for ages, honest). The other two were purchased rather quickly.

  • Ripe released a new EP, Galaxies and Stars, which sounded like the good old days all over again (we're all allowed our retro moments, right?).

  • I bought a pile of stuff from Labrador in Sweden (well, ok, it started late in December 2005), thanks to their extensive collection of stuff you could listen to (and/or watch) on the website - The Acid House Kings, The Legends, The Radio Dept, Pelle Carlberg, Sambassadeur...

  • While looking at Steve Kilbey-related goodies at Karmic Hit I happened across Flywheel who put a fabulous album out this year (What to look for in summer).

  • I finally found an Ulrich Schnauss CD, a strangely isolated place, which I found more enjoyable than I first expected.

  • Severed Heads released a nice new album, Under Gail Succubus (plus I caught up on the op2.5 thing).

  • Pere Ubu released a new album that sounded pretty good, just when I'd been listening to them a whole lot more already. I'm now attempting to make in-roads on Mayo Thompson / The Red Krayola.

  • All India Radio put out another superb release (I'm looking forward to the next one with Steve Kilbey appearing on it), I also picked up last year's spin-off Big Spaceship which also went down well.

  • GB3 popped up again, with a good second album and a great launch gig that showed I wasn't the only one who missed hearing some old Underground Lovers tunes.

  • I bought everything by Richard Hawley. You'll understand when you're older.

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