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silver monk time: a tribute to the monks

How do you get Alec Empire, Mouse on Mars, The Raincoats, Jon Spencer, Solex(!), The Silver Apples, Alan Vega, The Fall, Psychic TV, The (International) Noise Conspiracy and The's on one tribute album? By being The Monks. Given the somewhat limited songlist, it's not necessarily an album you can listen through in one go, but it's noisy, annoying, and ripe for random play. And hey, The Fall even did a new track for it, rather than just tossing in their old ones that appeared on Extricate a long, long time ago (but through which I first found out about The Monks). Hopefully some day we'll get to see the documentary Transatlantic Feedback down here.

There were plenty of things I couldn't find in JB Hi Fi on Boxing Day, but I finally managed to find this one album (no, really). Oh, and a new rice cooker from the Good Guys next door. That's my concession to the post-shopmas sales.


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