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black cab, small sips

Black Cab have their follow-up (at last!) to the very well-received Altamont Diary due out on August 24th, with a gig at the NSC on the 18th supporting the Sand Pebbles and an album launch on the 7th of October at the Spanish Club.

On the 17th at the NSC, there's the album launch for the Small Sips, a new band by Matthew Aulich, Matthew Bailey (both from The Paradise Motel) and Karl Smith from Sodastream. The album's quite nice, though hasn't quite taken a hold on me yet - I'll admit I wouldn't have known a thing about it if it wasn't for acb asking me to pick it up for him.

Speaking of Foil, though, surely it's getting towards time for some kind of semi-revival of the memory of this wonderful early-90's band? Might be time for another listen to Coldbringer, I think.

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for the record, the small sips' gig at northcote was very very sweet. very good arrangements of songs.... four violinists for the string section, with singing being traded off between various band members.

> Posted by daniel at August 19, 2006 10:09 PM

Thanks! The album's certainly getting better with each listen. I'm sorry I missed the launch gig...

> Posted by cos at August 21, 2006 10:55 AM

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