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white goods and blue teeth

I've been too busy for a lot of things lately, but the advantage of working all these extra hours was that I could afford to go on a (minor) technology binge, ditching my annoying Nokia 6600 for a Sony-Ericsson T630 that'll probably end up being just as annoying, but in different ways. But meanwhile, I now have a phone that Bluetooths to my Powerbook properly, so BluePhoneMemu now actually does all that stuff it claimed to do (for instance), instead of half-assing it like it did with the old phone.

I also bought a Palm Zire 72, which Bluetooths nicely with both the powerbook and the phone. This means I don't have to bitch too much about how horrid the T630's UI is (and how little memory they put in it for keeping SMSes around), 'cause I can just suck them onto the Palm and answer them from there. If I'm feeling particularly rich I can pay through both nostrils while I grab e-mail or browse the web via GPRS. Given how crappy GPRS is in this country anyway, it's probably just as well for me to do GSM dialup to somewhere (though I forget if it costs less? Anything's gotta be better than $20 a megabyte). We'll see how it goes.

(oh, and I bought a new washing machine today! No, really. I'll be sitting at home on Tuesday anxiously awaiting its arrival)

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