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more nerdery

Since I've been slack here, but not necessarily in in other places, here's one of those feedburner things that splices this and my flickr photos. It's a start, I guess. Oh, and there's an hourly-cached "what I'm listening to" thing in the sidebar, via AudioScrobbler, 'cause I haven't been telling you what I've been listening to, either. Sorry 'bout that.

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Comments (2)

Isn't audioscrobbler great? I started using it a couple of months ago and just wrote a little entry about it on my site

cos Author Profile Page:

Yeah, it's very nice. I got part-way through looking at it a while back too, but I guess work got in the way, or something, and it fell off my stack. Now I just need to write my own RSS feed merger that merges this blog, flickr, audioscrobbler, my journally thing, and so forth. Maybe when I'm on holiday next month...