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Well, I successfully negotiated my way through the flickr web to wall exhibition opening night (lots of photos right here) and somebody even bought one of my photos. Thank you, friends who showed up to have a look! Don't forget it's on until June 11 (Wednesdays through to Sundays), so come on down.


Somehow I managed to keep myself awake enough to walk over to the Dan O'Connell to meet up with one of the Darrens from Preston to see Pink Stainless Tail, with New Estate and Go Genre Everything. At this point I was far more interested in a seat up at the back rather than taking photos. I can highly recommend catching New Estate, though - they seem to be trying a lot of different stuff (and they all get to sing at various times/songs), which mostly works out pretty well.

I also managed to lend Simon Strong my DVD of The Atrocity Exhibition, at last. The book/film's intriguingly odd - think William S. Burroughs but without as much humour (which makes it a bit of a slog at times). I bought mine straight from Reel23.

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