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cisco config syntax highlighting for confluence

I've been fiddling around with Confluence again and found myself wanting to do some basic Cisco config highlighting with Atlassian's New Code Macro, which is fairly easy to extend. If you're keen, the code's right here - save the fragment as shBrushCisco.js, and add it to the newcode-macro jar (as mentioned further up that same page, you'll also have to increase the version number in atlassian-plugin.xml and add an entry at the end of atlassian-plugin.xml and templates/macros/code/newcodemacro-jscss.vm). It's a little bit fiddly, eh? Never mind. I'll do a bit more work on it then see if I can get 'em to package it in a future version of the plugin.

(also, I found that the first time I'd rescan for plugins with Confluence 2.2.2, it'd barf, but if I made a new jar with another new version number and rescanned again, it was happy. oh well.)

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