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catching up

I'm still alive, though I'd been really busy for the past couple of weeks helping a well-known company move offices, which meant I was coming home, sleeping, then waking up and going straight back to work. So in terms of a quick summary of recent goings-on:

Thanks to Hamish, I did manage to catch a screening of Control that had a Q&A with director Anton Corbijn afterward - he'd moved to England from Holland because of the Joy Division, "and I met them in London 2 weeks later." You know. As one does.

I'm really enjoying the new Gravenhurst album, The Western Lands - possibly a reference to William S. Burroughs, but more likely a reference to them coming from Bristol (hi Mum!). Maybe both? In any case, who knew Warp were signing guitar-owning bands, now? Also, the new Devastations album Yes, U is also rather good - each album seems to set the band on a slightly different course - it's a fair way from the first album, but hey, times have changed.

Zac tells me that the launch for his String Theory compilation is on November the 6th at Bar Open from 8pm, with Bird Traps, Zac Keiller + Clinton Green, Barney Oliver + Craig Peade + Chris Smith, Chris Rainier, and Seth Rees + Jona Byron.

Ed Kuepper's playing tomorrow (Friday) night, but I'll be busy collecting our new cat (low miles! only 2 previous owners!) and then going to the launch of the Unsensored exhibition.

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Just caught Control yesterday. Such a familiar story, but well acted. And it had me singing the tunes all evening afterwards.

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