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nginx-mode for emacs

I have a new job, and I'm spending a lot of time with puppet, which is a lot of fun.... [more]

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olympus pen news

Via The Online Photographer comes this teaser for something vaguely related to the "half-frame" Olympus Pen series that I hold... [more]

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backend changes

Hopefully you won't notice (much), but I've refreshed the RSS and ATOM templates to match what's current in Movable Type... [more]

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the traditional family career, as it were

In honor of Ada Lovelace Day, I'll mention that my mother was a computer programmer way back in the 1960s,... [more]

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kiev 60

Despite my recent protestations at the size of most medium format gear (I began to resent carrying a "camera... [more]

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new toys

I haven't had much free time to drag the DSLR around much lately - almost all my recent photos have... [more]

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like a puppy on a trampoline

It wasn't until after I took this screenshot of my last.fm profile and put it on flickr that I... [more]

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what's my mac's current ip address?

Perhaps this is useful to somebody other than me? It'll tell you what your currently "active" IP address is -... [more]

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some action scripts for lithium

I've hacked up two action scripts for Lithium: jira_alert.pl: create an issue in Jira. I'd suggest running this one after... [more]

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some service monitoring scripts for lithium

I've hacked up a few service monitoring scripts for Lithium: route_check.pl: check for the existence of a given route in... [more]

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join us now and eat the software

The Pink Stainless Tail have released their take on RMS' Free Software Song (previously, among others). As with much of... [more]

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useful os x tweaks I've come across lately

M-w kills Terminal.app no more - if you use Emacs in a window and foolishly expect to be able... [more]

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tip for young players with cisco pix/asa and static vs global config

Another day, another PIX (well, ASA this time) to configure. You can almost sleepwalk through it. This time since there's... [more]

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born under a bad sign

For the few of you who hadn't already heard, strange days have found me. On Friday, I mistakenly left... [more]

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white line fever

A piece on the myriad of design considerations involved in the creation of a new typeface for highway signs in... [more]

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tip for young players fiddling with presence on CCME 4.1 / IOS 12.4(15)T

So if you've been poking at UCME (CallManager Express) 4.1 in IOS 12.4(15)T and got a bit lost with the... [more]

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IOS IPS 5.x with 128MB of RAM

Since IOS 12.4(11)T (and hence it's also the long-awaited 12.4(15)T), Cisco are using the version 5.x format for IPS signature... [more]

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it's the little things

Say goodbye to /usr/ccs/bin. Actually, the path is still intact in Solaris Nevada. The contents however have been moved to... [more]

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more on announcing versus releasing

This seems to be an ongoing issue at the moment - it wasn't just the Movable Type beta: On June... [more]

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wake me when it's over

If you just want the details and features and good stuff, there’s a free beta version to play with but... [more]

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With the help of Yahoo Pipes and Tumblr and such, I give you the turgid firehose of existence, which aggregates... [more]

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why a cygwin xmdcp session to a solaris box hangs, and how to fix it

(In case anyone else needs to fix this some day.) It's been ages since I had to deal with "normal"... [more]

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twitter command-line status script

A long time ago, when nearly everybody I ever (thought I) wanted to talk to used goofey to communicate, one... [more]

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mono type

% port info vim vim 7.0.178, editors/vim (Variants: aqua, gtk1, gtk2, motif, athena, xim, tiny, small, big, huge, multibyte, ncurses,... [more]

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nokia E60 / E61 / E70 and cisco callmanager express with sip

Yes, it actually (finally) works! I've got a Nokia E70 registering directly with the SIP service on CallManager Express... [more]

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nokia e60 / e61 firmware upgrade

I managed to get the office's Nokia E60 and E61 upgraded to firmware 2.0618.06.05 (14-07-06) by taking it into... [more]

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more phone nerdery

Just following up on my post about Nokia E60 and E61s talking to Cisco CallManager Express, I asked the guys... [more]

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mac os x 10.4.8 and pathetic wireless performance

Getting really slow wireless performance after updating to OS X 10.4.8? Ping times to your next hop cycling between a... [more]

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improved cisco config syntax highlighting for confluence

I've done a bit more work on this and based it on the current release of the newcode-macro plugin (1.0.3).... [more]

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phone nerdery

It's true, Nokia E60 and E61 phones do indeed have SIP clients - I've made them work with our Cisco... [more]

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zsh completion for SNMP MIB names

It's been, ooh, probably almost 10 years since I last swam about in the sea of fun you could have... [more]

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...from a piece in this month's issue of The Wire about an early 80's German band called Die Tödliche Doris,... [more]

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cisco config syntax highlighting for textmate

...so while I'm stuffing around with this sort of thing I figured I'd see how easy it was to add... [more]

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cisco config syntax highlighting for confluence

I've been fiddling around with Confluence again and found myself wanting to do some basic Cisco config highlighting with Atlassian's... [more]

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last filesystem for the next 500 something or others

Via buzz's del.icio.us feed, what happens when you feed a radio station into last.fm? It'd be interesting to see the... [more]

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making xen 3.0.2 work on ubuntu 6.0x ("dapper drake")

(pardon the interruption, non-geeks. it's been a while since I posted something like this, but I figured I'd save other... [more]

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rss feed for beat gig guide

It's been ages since I did something vaguely useful for the world, so here goes. I've written another RSS feed... [more]

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hacking mail2ical to support ms outlook / exchange meeting requests

[ update: Georg Klein's rolled my changes into Mail2iCal version 1.3, along with some extra stuff for parsing URLs and... [more]

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airport express and snmp (and cricket)

Ok, it's time to nerd out for a moment. So you've got an Apple Airport Express (or an Airport Extreme)... [more]

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totally wired

NetNewsWire 2.0 is finally non-beta. It's a great piece of software, which I happily coughed up some cash for somewhere... [more]

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head like a remix

It's been a good nine years since I bought anything by Nine Inch Nails, but it's still interesting to see... [more]

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i hear motion

Following on from various people's mention of Amit Singh's motion-sensor-driven Perturbed Desktop, it seems somebody at HP's been working on... [more]

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the curse of the mekons?

It seems that, without fail over the past few weeks, every time I've been on Cisco equipment wanting to type... [more]

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bookmark the planet

I probably wasn't looking hard enough, but I haven't noticed anybody talking about Hallon, a nice little app you can... [more]

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jive messenger 2.1

Jive Messenger 2.1 is finally out - the major win for my workplace is that it provides shared roster group... [more]

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quackle and pop

Scott writes about converting old vinyl to AAC on his Mac, which is something I really oughta get around to... [more]

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white goods and blue teeth

I've been too busy for a lot of things lately, but the advantage of working all these extra hours was... [more]

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dominant paradigms, and all that

cvs to subversion [more]

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new debian packages rss feed back online

My New Debian Packages RSS Feed works again (I found the new(?) location of the page I scrape to create... [more]

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panda! pander! panzer!

(via the wondrous typographica) Tired of quick brown foxes and sphinxes of quartz? Mark Simonson has a nifty Pangram Generator,... [more]

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a hundred bucks a port

If you're forced to retrocompute by way of serial port, like I am, these things Just Work. Wow. It's a... [more]

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New Year, new phone. I've been running an 18 month cycle on my phones, and it's a bit of a... [more]

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bring the noise

whitenoise is a small utility which turns your computer into an ambient random noise generator. You may find this useful... [more]

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point and jab

jabber.org.au have opened their public Jabber service. Another blow for (geek) freedom, though they're not yet running any transports to... [more]

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yes, but will it work with an ipod?

Found at MacUpdate: iFicionado is like iTunes, but for cigars!... [more]

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I dunno why I hadn't thought of this earlier, given that it does a fine job on my now occasionally-powered-up... [more]

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a bit of help from the dice man

Some of you know my penchant for randomly generated things. Check this out - randomly generated CD covers! Hours of... [more]

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8-bit glory

Wow. Retrospec reimplement old Spectrum (and such) games for current operating systems - it's amusing to note that their rewrite... [more]

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dry dock

What luxury. I'm stuck at 1024x768 on this thing (a cruel, cruel fate if you knew what I get up... [more]

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future pasts

mjs was baffled by Nokia's kaleidoscope, but I reckon their medallion is much more amusingly strange.... [more]

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spin those bits

Nifty tandom song picker LongPlayer's been ported to iTunes and MacOS X (it's written in Qt, so I guess they... [more]

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What's nice about SSHKeychain? You can tell it to drop your keys when your laptop goes to sleep or the... [more]

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(c) 1982 sinclair research ltd.

As a Sinclair ZX Spectrum user from the early 80's, I'm somewhat amused that, of all things to make a... [more]

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monitoring your openldap server with cricket

Cricket's fairly addictive - once you get the hang of adding new stuff, you find yourself wanting to Graph The... [more]

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friend or foaf?

So one friend pulls me into Friendster a few weeks ago, and now another sorta reminds me that I was... [more]

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ssh-agent and macos x

A lot of stuff I'd seen around the place mentioned something called "SSH Agent Services" which broke on MacOS X... [more]

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the old days

I just noticed this on the vim site: Finally you can join your favorite drink with your favorite editor: It's... [more]

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I'd never been a laptop owner. Nor had I been a Mac owner. Now I'm both. Long live the revolution,... [more]

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oracle 9i ( on debian (unstable)

Trying to make Oracle 9i work under Debian (specifically Debian unstable) ? Me too. I got it to install ok... [more]

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hotwire and hightail

I can't stop listening to Smog's new album, Supper. The lazy, easy feel of Truth Serum and Our Anniversary (helped... [more]

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kde 3.1 makes it into debian

KDE 3.1 has been seeping into Debian unstable since Friday afternoon (my time). How does one convert from Karolina Lindqvist's... [more]

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I managed to get imgSeek going at work the other week, though the constantly shifting sands of Debian's unstable distribution... [more]

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lo-fi blogging goes gold

Blosxom 1.0 is out. If all this Movable Type guff's a bit too pretty-boy for you, Blosxom works just great.... [more]

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instant gratification

If you're interested in Jabber one way or another, go fill in their user survey. Personally, I've been keen on... [more]

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another 15 seconds

Looks like my New Debian Packages RSS feed has been noticed - I already got an e-mail from Josh McKee... [more]

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technicolour yawn

Bored with the standard PalmOS blue and white ? Try Colorize. It's entirely frivolous, but fortunately it's free. (Never mind... [more]

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what's that sound ?

I noticed an ad on TV announcing a Siemens phone that lets you record your own ringtone noise - I've... [more]

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movable type 2.5 / mt search

Well, I chucked the new release of Movable Type in (after watching the forums for any showstoppers) and quickly setup... [more]

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squaring those two white circular things in yer head

So, you score yourself a spiffy new monitor[1] for your desk at work, which apparently does 2048x1536 at 80Hz (1600x1200's... [more]

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sunny days and dots and lines

I should've gone back out and made the most of another few hours of sun (there's still time, I suppose),... [more]

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slugging fer jesus

It's probably a completely silly and far-too-predictable idea, given that the, er, fame thing hasn't quite faded yet - somebody... [more]

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things to do on a sunday evening

I've done a bit of work on my photo site, making the icon-sized versions of the pictures a bit bigger... [more]

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more gnus rss goodness

When somebody has a Good Idea, people rush to implement and reimplmement it under every platform known to man -... [more]

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oh by the way

I upgraded the hardware this website runs on, on Friday afternoon (yes, the 13th). Hopefully you haven't noticed any differences,... [more]

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catching up

Right. I caught Josh Rouse last night (pics up this evening, hopefully), and the blog meetup the night before (as... [more]

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ten year itch

(Sorry if you'd already heard this story.) God. I just remembered that this month is the 10-year anniversary of me... [more]

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rearranging one's movable type archives

Sometimes you don't get around to doing something until somebody else asks you how to do it (thanks, Steph). I'd... [more]

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waiting for better days

The serif is dying (or at the very least, falling from grace) ! I'm as guilty as anybody for having... [more]

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trying out mt.el

Bill's hacked up some nice Lisp to let you post to Movable Type from Emacs, which conveniently saves me from... [more]

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take these chains

Goodbye Georgia, Trebuchet MS, et al. Microsoft's core web fonts are no longer available. Good riddance, Comic Sans.... [more]

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community service

(or perhaps, "i care because you do".) Now that the ride's over, Mark Pilgrim's tweaked his 30 days to a... [more]

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i want more

Running a Debian box, and wanting to find out what other packages you're missing out on ? Maybe you don't... [more]

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scary marketing

"Fill these slots with functionality" ? "Modularity Cafe" ? Somebody at Cisco oughta lay off the happy pills.... [more]

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new debian packages as an rss feed

I've actually had this running since around the end of last year, but because it's been working without any noticeable... [more]

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doctor who, the dalek slayer

I'm not a huge Doctor Who fan, although it was often watched in the household as I grew up, so... [more]

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I see Movable Type is spreading its tentacles a little further - it's entirely Graham's fault that I noticed Movable... [more]

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mighty fine

via typographica, I really like the look of Gotham (see also the "more information" page, which makes for interesting reading,... [more]

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the word is a virus

An fascinating site about writing systems, via the consistently interesting typographica.... [more]

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new toys

Just got me a Nokia 6510. I've been upgrading my phone every 18 months - my 6110 barely lasted that... [more]

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Hm. these comics turned out to be a little funnier than perhaps they were intended. "stick that in your Dull... [more]

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odd technology choices

A friend found this - a USB compactflash card reader with builtin mouse. no, wait...... [more]

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simple headphone mind

I found something called LongPlayer on FreshMeat today, which looks suitably useful. After all, I fit the target audience :... [more]

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random gnus bits

For what it's worth, I chucked a few snippets of code over a my.gnus.org, which seems to have changed almost... [more]

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send in the clones

(Just the other day I'd been saying to a friend about how I don't post geek stuff because I don't... [more]

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day of the locusts

And lo ! there was a cry from the Jakobites upon finding out that Flash developers are now able take... [more]

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keeping the unwashed masses from one's inbox

I finally folded and installed SpamAssassin and Vipul's Razor to autodetect more spam - my smattering of simple procmail rules... [more]

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escape meta alt ctrl shift

My left ctrl key occasionally gets stuck on, nowadays. Not the key itself (as far as I can see),... [more]

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site updates

I got all enthusiastic yesterday arvo, and crossed something else off my long-standing "things to do when I get around... [more]

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free to a good home

A couple of years back, they were throwing out a laser printer at work. Foolishly, I took it home, thinking... [more]

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minor things

Got a "CR-V7-UC" USB CompactFlash card reader ? Just to prove I'm not completely useless (merely "almost useless"), here's... [more]

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electronic mail vanity

Remember back in the mid-90's when X-Face: headers were all the rage ? This used to be mine, as culled... [more]

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Well, besides from that fuzzy thing up above (the blurry look + mixed up words was Mavis' idea), I've also... [more]

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this year's [box] model

waffle waffle waffle CSS-twiddling waffle waffle waffle. Hopefully it looks "better". If it doesn't, I'd love to know about it.... [more]

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we have a technical

r.i.p. one power supply, or something. Fortunately I had a spare PC around the house to put this webserver's disk... [more]

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