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mono type

% port info vim
vim 7.0.178, editors/vim (Variants: aqua, gtk1, gtk2, motif, athena, xim, tiny, small, big, huge, multibyte, ncurses, ruby, tcl, perl, python, darwin x86)

Vim is a virtually compatible, extremely enhanced version of the vi editor.

Platforms: darwin freebsd
Maintainers: [email protected]

% port info emacs
emacs 21.4a, Revision 1, editors/emacs (Variants: darwin_8, darwin_7)

GNU Emacs is a self-documenting, customizable, extensible real-time display editor. Users new to Emacs will be able to use basic features fairly rapidly by studying the tutorial and using the self-documentation features. Emacs also has an extensive interactive manual browser. It is easily extensible since its editing commands are written in Lisp.

Platforms: darwin freebsd
Maintainers: [email protected]

Remember when emacs used to be some overblown piece of crap and vi was the slim, svelte young thing? Eight megabytes and constantly swapping, etc. etc. Then vim came along with its features and its extension languages and all these things emacs had for ages. But somehow it was different this time, eh?

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