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the boats, the immediatists and zac keiller at carni, 2007-05-25

I got down to Carni last night to see Zac Keiller, The Immediatists and The Boats put on a... [more]

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upcoming dreamlandery

Zac just mailed me to say he's playing - both solo and with The Immediatists - as support for The... [more]

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With the help of Yahoo Pipes and Tumblr and such, I give you the turgid firehose of existence, which aggregates... [more]

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sunn o))) presents pentemple at the toff in town, 2007-05-08

Yeah, I went to a metal gig - a bunch of guys in or near Sunn O))) at The... [more]

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art git

Things gleaned from this month's Wire: Githead have a new album out, called Art Pop (and a t-shirt to go... [more]

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why a cygwin xmdcp session to a solaris box hangs, and how to fix it

(In case anyone else needs to fix this some day.) It's been ages since I had to deal with "normal"... [more]

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