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some service monitoring scripts for lithium

I've hacked up a few service monitoring scripts for Lithium:

  • route_check.pl: check for the existence of a given route in a router's routing table. It looks in the RFC1213-MIB::ipRouteDest table, so should be non-Cisco-specific.

  • cisco_ipsec_check.pl: check for active IPSec tunnels to a given peer address. This one relies on the CISCO-IPSEC-FLOW-MONITOR-MIB being supported in your router (it works on 870 and 2800-series routers).

  • ccme_phone_count.pl: check your Cisco CallManager Express system for a minimum number of registered phones.

  • cue_voicemail_time_check.pl: check that your Cisco Unity Express system isn't about to run out of voicemail space. You need to have turned on SNMP on your CUE NM or AIM (via the CLI - I haven’t noticed anything in CUE's web interface for configuring SNMP).

  • check_ds0_in_use.pl: how many active DS0's (phone lines, basically) do you have? Perhaps you'd like to know before you're about to get a congested link...


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