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some action scripts for lithium

I've hacked up two action scripts for Lithium:

  • jira_alert.pl: create an issue in Jira. I'd suggest running this one after a while (like 5 minutes or so) so you don't get bugs created for transient incidents. It has to keep some state, so it uses a Berkeley DB hash - currently that's stored in /var/tmp - you should change that to somewhere better that you know your Lithium instance can write to.

  • jabber_alert.pl: send an alert message to a (comma-separated) list of recipients. It turns out, of course, that somewhere in the twisty little maze of Perl dependencies there's some bitrot in an unmaintained module (XML::Stream) that causes it to barf if you're using the OpenFire Jabber server, so you'll need to patch a few lines of code - see the top of jabber_alert.pl for instructions on this.


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