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born under a bad sign

For the few of you who hadn't already heard, strange days have found me. On Friday, I mistakenly left... [more]

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wall of E electric guitar ensemble, 2007-08-19 at carni

Another night of experimental guitar goodness at Carni, this time culminating in Barnaby Oliver's Wall of E Electric Guitar... [more]

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"our bat-free apartment is bat-free no more"

happy eight years, Scott. I didn't always keep up, but I'm trying. I guess that's the story of my life.... [more]

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white line fever

A piece on the myriad of design considerations involved in the creation of a new typeface for highway signs in... [more]

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the north will rise again

Tony Wilson was being treated for kidney cancer, like Lee Hazlewood. Instead, he died of a heart attack. Paul Morley... [more]

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coming soon - the return of E

I just had an e-mail from Barney Oliver about this performance by The Wall of E Electric Guitar Ensemble from... [more]

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we all make the little flowers grow

"cowards and heroes listen my friends if you have money or nothing to spend it'll make no difference in a... [more]

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recent acquisitions - githead, artefacts of australian experimental music

Githead have a new album called Art Pop that pretty much continues the same themes as their previous angular,... [more]

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