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four hours sleep album launch gig, east brunswick hotel, 2006-09-21

I managed to talk myself into popping down to this one 'cause I hadn't taken any live music photos in... [more]

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ABC's dig has a podcasted interview with Kim Salmon and Ron Peno about their current project The Darling Downs, talking... [more]

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just in

Current in-tray: Black Cab's much-awaited second album, Jesus East. Sounds great so far. Holidays on Ice - Playing Boyfriends and... [more]

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that striped dunedin sound

I just semi-randomly found The Clean's video for Tally Ho as shot by Chris Knox all the way back... [more]

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improved cisco config syntax highlighting for confluence

I've done a bit more work on this and based it on the current release of the newcode-macro plugin (1.0.3).... [more]

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coloured lines

Wow. Thanks for the book, acb. In our current round of CD swapping (Laura, Gersey and 3 other CDs... [more]

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j.g. ballard - kingdom come

If you've read any of J.G. Ballard's recent work (Cocaine Nights, Super-Cannes et al - I haven't tackled Millennium... [more]

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plague songs

No, I never expected to see Stephin Merritt, Laurie Anderson and Scott Walker on the same album, either.... [more]

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