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defenders of the axe #3

I caught the tail end of Defenders of the Axe #3 at the Loop Bar on Wednesday night, watching... [more]

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when i was a ...

Found on flickr this evening - photos of a few gigs in the early 80's by The Models, The Church... [more]

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this music could destroy a nation

Sweeping The Nation has a nice Illustrated Guide to the Auteurs for all my friends who thought Luke Haines was... [more]

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big spaceship - dream on

So there I was ordering a few things off Karmic Hit's website (mostly to pick up the re-released Jack... [more]

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gb3 launch gig at the spanish club

Glenn Bennie's GB3 had a warm up gig at Readings 2 weeks ago, but this was the real thing... [more]

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nokia e60 / e61 firmware upgrade

I managed to get the office's Nokia E60 and E61 upgraded to firmware 2.0618.06.05 (14-07-06) by taking it into... [more]

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remember my old photo site?

Thanks to phpFlickr I've done a quick bit of work on elsewhere's front page to show recent flickr photos and... [more]

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tomorrow is today book launch at the tote

Iain McIntyre (of ninetynine) has written another book, this one called Tomorrow is Today, about Australia in the Psychedelic... [more]

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wonders never cease

Jandek has been remixed.... [more]

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defenders of the axe #3

I didn't make it to #2 (or #1), but the good news is there's a third edition of this night... [more]

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tomorrow is today, on sunday

On Sunday evening at The Tote, Iain Macintyre's launching a book called Tomorrow Is Today, with some musical support from... [more]

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alva noto + ryuichi sakamoto at the arts centre

wow. epiphanous, indeed. hearing a bass hum that loud in the main hall of the arts centre was certainly, well,... [more]

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more phone nerdery

Just following up on my post about Nokia E60 and E61s talking to Cisco CallManager Express, I asked the guys... [more]

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gb3 in-store appearance, readings, lygon st

Glenn Bennie's GB3 did a gig at Readings on Friday evening to announce the presence of their new album... [more]

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lloyd cole

Suprisingly, The Age has an interview with Lloyd Cole, whose new album Antidepressant is in shops now (I spied it... [more]

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coming up

a few interesting gigs coming soon: GB3 are doing a live in-store appearance at Readings in Lygon St tomorrow evening... [more]

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mac os x 10.4.8 and pathetic wireless performance

Getting really slow wireless performance after updating to OS X 10.4.8? Ping times to your next hop cycling between a... [more]

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ponderous processed pianos

Ryuichi Sakamoto and Alva Noto are coming to the Melbourne International Arts Festival to do Insen in about 2 weeks'... [more]

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