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where to find off the hip's new shop in the city

Power pop and rock 'n' roll merchants Off The Hip have moved their shop from Preston to the CBD... [more]

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what to shop for in summer

If you're itching to buy a bit of music, help out Karmic Hit who need a few more people... [more]

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david toop back in town

To finish off the Music and Postmodern Cultural Theory Conference, author/sound curator/sound artist/interesting guy David Toop will be performing at... [more]

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mark murphy (ripe) at the tote

Down at the Tote, Mark Murphy indulged some of us by playing some of the tracks from Ripe's The... [more]

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nokia E60 / E61 / E70 and cisco callmanager express with sip

Yes, it actually (finally) works! I've got a Nokia E70 registering directly with the SIP service on CallManager Express... [more]

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snuffed out

Holy fuck. Candle Records to close down March 2007. Who's gonna take over from such an inner-city heart-on-sleeve kinda label... [more]

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pere ubu - why i hate women

It's good to hear some squelchy electronic fuzz again, on an album that's been cursed with the familiar lazy... [more]

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let's go to birmingham

From Resonance FM, a remix of British Transport Films by Richard Thomas. I'm hoping acb already knows about these films,... [more]

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oh no! it's happening again

Pelle Carlberg has a new song available, called Middle Class Kid, from his upcoming album. He's a bit more restrained... [more]

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royalchord are supporting jason molina!

Good news, everyone! Royalchord are supporting Jason Molina at the NSC on the 19th, so now there's 2 very good... [more]

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local experimental music from the 80's

Clinton Green has been posting up mp3s from the tapes that came with each issue of NMA Magazine, featuring various... [more]

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meanjin on rock 'n' roll

Via a friendly northern neighbour (thanks V!), I found out about Issue 3 (of 2006) of Meanjin which is... [more]

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