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reading for the year

Surprisingly (it didn't feel like it), I read more books this year than any other year since I started... [more]

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notable musical moments for me in 2006

I finally got around to buying an Electrelane album (I'd been meaning to for ages, honest). The other two... [more]

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don't think i've forgotten

There's a documentary afoot called Don't Think I've Forgotten, covering the 60's and early 70's when Cambodian musicians (Sinn... [more]

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mono type

% port info vim vim 7.0.178, editors/vim (Variants: aqua, gtk1, gtk2, motif, athena, xim, tiny, small, big, huge, multibyte, ncurses,... [more]

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as a matter of fact i've got it now

...not only does Penang Affair on Brunswick St in Fitzroy do great Malaysian food, they've also expanded their range... [more]

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four thousand

4000 photos up at flickr, now. If you reckon I'm missing something you particularly like in my favourites set,... [more]

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a rowland s. howard tribute album

Stagger Records has assembled a tribute album to everyone's favourite ghost, Rowland S. Howard. There's appearances by people like Mick... [more]

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the sound of sylvian

David Sylvian's samadhisound label has put up a podcast with 15 minutes of nice sounds - David Sylvian, Derek Bailey,... [more]

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Are you after a ringtone that's better/weirder/more interesting than the usual crap? Try toneshared - they've got a few really... [more]

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a gb3 video(!)

also via the Triffids forum (I never really poked around it before - web forums never seem to work for... [more]

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if you don't get caught...

Via The Triffids website (where Graham Lee talks about last night's gig, too) it turns out there's a new video... [more]

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david toop / robin fox / essendon airport at the centre for contemporary photography

No photos this time - I asked permission and even signed a form they had in case I ended up... [more]

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