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you better chop me in half

It must be box season - Flying Nun Records has a 25th anniversary boxed set available - The Clean, Bailterspace,... [more]

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retail fireworks, again

I dragged Richard up to the After Dark bar in Northcote last night to see Retail Fireworks again, who... [more]

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while i'm gone

In a case of spectacularly bad timing, I'll be away the whole time while Stephen Cummings does a Wednesday residency... [more]

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photos from the drawing of sound

I had a great time at the East Brunswick Club watching various artists merge guitars and effects all night,... [more]

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the drawing of sound

Apologies for not posting this earlier - Tomorrow night (Thursday, 18th) a bunch of instrumental musicians are descending upon... [more]

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there's more than one way to do it

As I've noticed on any weekend I've come into the city lately on the 112 tram, Lian and I weren't... [more]

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hitting a ton

Labrador Records have an attractively-priced (works out to be about AUD$36 including shipping!) 4-CD boxed set celebrating 100 releases in... [more]

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twitter command-line status script

A long time ago, when nearly everybody I ever (thought I) wanted to talk to used goofey to communicate, one... [more]

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