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bad boy bubby on monday

Don't forget, on Monday night Popcorn Taxi is presenting a 10-year anniversary screening of Bad Boy Bubby, including a post-film... [more]

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i wanna be a cowboy's sweetheart

I crawled over the 2000 CD line late last week. The lucky number went to a new tribute CD with... [more]

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she said "we can't all live in semi-detatched houses"

I haven't been a-wandering much this month, apart from a nice hour's walk on Sunday morning. More to come.... [more]

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catching bands on school nights

Royalchord are doing an early evening acoustic gig tomorrow (Wednesday) night - 7:30pm at the Rob Roy. Come along and... [more]

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number one, king of pop

Dave Graney's doing a few gigs (May 5th, 12th and 19th) at the Victoria Hotel in Brunswick. Even if you... [more]

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rowland s. howard, gentle ben and his sensitive side at the rob roy, 2004-04-30

Rowland S. Howard put on a pretty good show, finishing up as usual with the wonderfully brooding Panic Moon... [more]

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brunswick st booty

In-tray. I picked up a few things last night on the way to the gig (photos up later tonight, once... [more]

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