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please no hands

photos from my work trip to perth and sydney [more]

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i was a stranger

I'm in Perth for work, but that's not until Monday. Extended musings can be found on the lonely radio. After... [more]

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readymade fm

I popped into Synaesthesia on the way home to pick up that new Einstürzende Neubauten collection of early stuff (out... [more]

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i might've been a bit rude, i wrote it in a bad mood

I spotted re-releases of The Wedding Present's Bizarro and Seamonsters in JB Hi Fi with original covers but heaps of... [more]

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silver surfers

There are so many things I can't make it to this Saturday night, and seeing Silver Ray at the Flowercut... [more]

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roll out the trundle wheel

Another quick meander around the back-streets of Brunswick (and one or two from over Preston-way): [ start here for Saturday's... [more]

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catching up on photos

I had a month of being too busy to go for a walk, but on the weekend before last I... [more]

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new brat in town

So there I was on Saturday morning, trying out another new(ish) Brunswick Café and despairing at their idea of Eggs... [more]

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