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chrome-age stoners

I have a weakness for covers albums - the thought of bands taking something known and turning it into something... [more]

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rss feed for beat gig guide

It's been ages since I did something vaguely useful for the world, so here goes. I've written another RSS feed... [more]

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howe gelb coming to melbourne!

Mr Giant Sand will be here on October 2nd, at the NSC. (Smog) is also coming, but I don't see... [more]

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more goodies from cumbersome

I wandered down to Cumbersome Records around lunchtime (the benefits of being able to work from home now and... [more]

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i started a joke

uh, I mean, a group. On flickr. Australian Live Music. Post 'em if you've got 'em.... [more]

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the five venoms at the green room

I wasn't feeling the best on Saturday night, so I didn't accompany my girlfriend along to see her cousin's metal/rock... [more]

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the pink stainless tail at cumbersome records

A rather small crowd gathered to watch The Pink Stainless Tail do an in-store gig at Cumbersome Records (yes,... [more]

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it's about genesis p

The Pink Stainless Tail will be doing an in-store gig at Cumbersome Records tomorrow arvo (around 4pm, according to the... [more]

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he's the draught master, baby

I popped along to the Bluestone to catch this year's beer pouring competition, officially entitled the 2005 Stella Artois Draught... [more]

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