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pink stainless tail album launch at the tote, 2007-03-30

I went to The Tote last night for the launch of The Infinite Wisdom of The Pink Stainless Tail. Biddy... [more]

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friday lunchtime purchases

I managed to pop into Off The Hip for only the second time since it moved into the city (despite... [more]

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soon to be snuffed out

In some kind of twin tragedy, we're losing both Candle Records and Synaesthesia Records (Mark's going off to work in... [more]

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last.fm and gig photos

It looks like last.fm is leveraging flickr's machine tags in the next update so that event pages will pull photos... [more]

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lakes of russia at the after dark

Lakes of Russia did another gig at the After Dark bar. Great stuff if you're into fairly laid-back one-man... [more]

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more immediacy

The Immediatists are getting better each time I see them - it's a shame to see only a handful... [more]

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Pink Stainless Tail photos from last night

36 photos from last night's gig at the Brunswick Hotel. I'd never seen that many people in there when... [more]

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new fangled spooner

Don't forget, Pink Stainless Tail at the Brunswick Hotel, Friday night! Not only that, but their album launch for The... [more]

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songs in the afternoon

It seems I'm not the only one who likes the reworkings of Electric Lash, It's No Reason and Grind... [more]

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happy like the tiny mice

I'm not sure how long Muscle Shoals Records (right up at the top end of Lygon St, in East Brunswick)... [more]

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the immediatists, last night

The Immediatists brought us about 2 hours of improvised music which I really quite enjoyed - some (most) moments... [more]

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I've got through to the end of my holiday photos - about 20% of them are up there at... [more]

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This Friday (ie. tomorrow night), The Immediatists are playing at Scarlette in Smith St for 2 hours from about 8:30.... [more]

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there's a word for it

I've been back for a couple of days, recovering and getting back into work (and, today, catching up on... [more]

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