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make it easy on yourself

in upcoming "gigs that I'll try and make it to" news: "Cam Bruce (GUD, The Polaroids), Scott Edgar (Tripod), Sim... [more]

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So, now that I've crossed Merri Creek to The New Fitzroy, I've finally managed to plug in the old turntable... [more]

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mcvities. so much to answer for.

Ooh er. I wonder if you can get them over here. Chocolate Digestives make me betray my pommy upbringing, but... [more]

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a simple cut 'n' paste job

Aunty's dig has an interview (also available as a podcast) with Our Tom about his soundtrack for The Illustrated Family... [more]

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i'll never know which way to flow

Via my sister, Teenage Fanclub have a few mp3s on their website, and a new album on the way, too.... [more]

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and now it's time for...

Via my sister, it sounds like the UK (region 2) release of that second Goodies DVD is slightly better than... [more]

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small steps to the spiral insana

Brainwashed has a podcast. Sounds good so far (Nurse With Wound's Rock And Roll Station and some early Cabaret Voltaire... [more]

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iron and whine

Need more 80's/90's retro? Buffalo Tom's Bill Janovitz has a new band and a new CD and the new Wedding... [more]

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freak scene

Yup, it's another reformation. Can I go back to sleep now?... [more]

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i hear motion

Following on from various people's mention of Amit Singh's motion-sensor-driven Perturbed Desktop, it seems somebody at HP's been working on... [more]

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a knife-fight in a phone booth

The Small Knives are getting around, according to the latest Candle Records newsletter - they're playing with Grand Salvo tonight... [more]

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I whacked up a handful more early trip photos, but can't seem to put them in the right place... [more]

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