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recent amusements

Recent purchases: Post Industrial Boys: My first purchase of the year, and it was a completely random one - apparently... [more]

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have a bleedin' guess

The Sanctuary reissue of Hex Enduction Hour is in shops (even over here). You all oughta own a copy of... [more]

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eggs benedict and ed kuepper

The two Marios who ran The Continental (and still run Marios Café in Brunswick St) have donated a heap of... [more]

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bookmark the planet

I probably wasn't looking hard enough, but I haven't noticed anybody talking about Hallon, a nice little app you can... [more]

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jive messenger 2.1

Jive Messenger 2.1 is finally out - the major win for my workplace is that it provides shared roster group... [more]

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lambchop are coming!

March 8th at the Corner Hotel (see other Australia / NZ dates over yonder). Two years ago they were "fucking... [more]

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urgent pear delivery for mr wagons

I walked over (just past the new 3RRR offices) to Ceres in Brunswick to catch The Handsome Family, who were... [more]

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two shaves and a shine

Special design by Steven Stapleton. Only 100 to be printed - by the time my copy of The Wire... [more]

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quackle and pop

Scott writes about converting old vinyl to AAC on his Mac, which is something I really oughta get around to... [more]

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i'd like to get you on the road again but i'm not gonna try

I hope Golden Rough are still up to something. It's been so long. I miss them. Two of 'em are... [more]

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who watches the watchmen?

Indeed.... [more]

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who could possibly be cooler than tony leung?

Yeah, it was probably my favourite from last year, too. I managed to watch it on Christmas Day, at last... [more]

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twenty three minutes in brussels

I just ordered me one of these - it's been ages since we heard anything from Songs: Ohia - around... [more]

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ancient fitzroy history

Following up from the Can't Stop It! late 70's/early 80's post-punk compilation they put out whenever it was not so... [more]

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welcome stranger(s)

I caught Rob Snarski and Dan Luscombe at the Old Colonial last night (no good photos, unfortunately. I didn't have... [more]

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not just for breakfast

I'm not entirely sure what to make of this, but there you go.... [more]

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i'll turn my head when you come at me with a spoon

Yeah, (Smog) again. I know, you hate it that he stretches the word into hu-man (see easily led), but you're... [more]

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more nerdery

Since I've been slack here, but not necessarily in in other places, here's one of those feedburner things that splices... [more]

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i must've left it in my other suit

An, er, executive summary of Gang of Four, or something. They're putting the band back together, but at least they're... [more]

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i can feel the heat closing in

It's about time, really. Somewhere in a Sydney hotel room a couple of weekends back I found myself arranging a... [more]

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I finally upgraded this rig to MT 3.14. So far all I've done is add an atom feed, but we'll... [more]

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it's only human to want to kill a beautiful thing

I have my Handsome Family ticket for the CERES evening gig in Brunswick(!) with support from Sally Timms and Jon... [more]

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easy listening hour

Well, it took until today, but the first thing I listened to was all the Richard Buckner I had... [more]

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